Nivla Woodsの南東端にいるRagonに話しかける。
場所Nivla WoodsX-80Y67Z-1391

Ragon: Ah! Finally! I've been waiting for a recruit like yourself to turn up.
(Ragon: おお、ようやく来てくれたか!わしはお主のような新兵が現れるのを待ってたんじゃ。)

Ragon: We're running experiments to improve our arsenal in the war effort.

Ragon: We've captured a cave beast in a cage over there. We believe certain magical weapons will harm them more than others.

Ragon: Let me explain. That cave creature is living root, it contains the properties of ✤ Earth.

Ragon: Now in theory, it should be weak to ✹ Fire. These elemental attributes are not uncommon.

Ragon: Let's test it out shall we? Take this book and exchange it for a ✹ Fire infused weapon.

Ragon: Use it on the creature and I'll study whatever remains you give me.