ステージ 1

Rooster IslandにいるNohnoに話しかける。

Nohno: Hey, you aren't a chicken! Wait, you're a human! You can help me! Maybe you are the guy who helped my brother Yahya, but who knows, you humans all look the same to me.
(Nohno: やぁ、君はニワトリじゃないね!えっ!?人間じゃあないか!助けてもらえるぞ!もしからして君は僕の兄弟Yahyaを助けた人じゃあないか?まぁ、そんなことはどうでもいいや、君たち人間は僕には全員同じに見えるしね。)

Nohno: I really love my chickens, but there is one that I just cannot control…
(Nohno: 僕はとってもニワトリが好きなんだ、でも一羽だけ手に負えない奴がいてね...)

Nohno: His name is Cluckles, he was given to me by a man named Bob before he went to war, but when Bob never came back, Cluckles got angry…
(Nohno: その子の名前はClucles、Bobっていう男が戦争に行く前に預かったんだけど、Cluckles...Bobが帰ってこないと知ると怒り出して...)

Nohno: He's really dangerous to keep on my lovely island, so I keep him in my basement…
(Nohno: あの子は僕の素敵な島に放したままにするのは危なすぎるから今は地下室にやってるよ。)

Nohno: I want to take care of him, but my wife says it's too dangerous. Where's my wife you say? Oh, I think she's around here eating some grain.
(Nohno: 世話をしてやりたいんだけど、家内が危なすぎるからやめろというんだ。僕の家内はどこかって?あぁ、たぶんどこかその辺で穀物をついばんでると思うよ。)

Nohno: Anyway, I need you to go down there and... take care of him for me. I would really appreciate it.
(Nohno: とにかく、君に地下室に行ってもらって...世話をしてやってほしいんだ。是非ともお願いします。)

ステージ 2


Stage 3

NohnoにCluckles’ Favourite Featherを見せる。

Nohno: What is this?! His feather? What did you do to Cluckles?! I wanted you to take care of him, not kill him!
(Nohno: これは何だい?あの子の羽?Clucklesに何をしたんだ!?君に世話をしてもらいたかったんだ、殺してなんて言ってない!)

Nohno: You monster! Leave this place now, and keep that feather to remind you of your hideous crime!
(Nohno: この怪物め!ここから立ち去れ!今すぐだ!その羽はとっておけ!それを見て自分の忌まわしい行動を思い出すんだな!)

[Quest Completed: Cluck Cluck]
[+2800 Experience Points]
[+Cluckles' Favourite Feather]

[クエスト完了: コケコッコ]
[+2800 経験値]
[+Cluckles’ Favourite Feather]