Two nations lie out in the west Ocean, where conflict seems inevitable. However, one nation wants peace, and is trying to forge a treaty with the other, whereas, the other nation seems otherwise preoccupied with the treasure on a wrecked ship. Find the treasure and return it to the rightful nation in order to secure peace between the two.
場所Icy Islands
報酬20000 経験値
256 エメラルド
1 Climbing Helmet


Icy IslandsにいるAdigardに話しかける。

Adigard: Welcome traveler, to our humble island...
(Adigard: 我らの慎ましい島へ、ようこそ冒険者のもの...)

Adigard: My people and I landed here many years ago. Unfortunately, our ship didn't make it...
(Adigard: 我らはこの島に数年前にやってきての。残念ながら船は無事ではなかったがの....)

Adigard: We tried to build a nation on these islands but became divided through the years.
(Adigard: 我らはこの島に国を作ろうとしたんだが年が行くにつれて別れてしまったのだ。)

Adigard: Because of this, we are fighting a useless war with our neighbors.
(Adigard: そんなわけで、無用ないざこざがお隣の国と起こってる。)

Adigard: I believe we should try to pass a peace treaty, but I am afraid of getting killed if I leave the island...
(Adigard: 平和条約を結ぶべきだと、我は思うのだが...この島を離れたが故に殺されるのはごめんだ...)

Adigard: Would you mind helping us? Talk to Hallfred about this treaty. He lives on another ice island nearby.
(Adigard: 我らを助けてはくれんか?条約についてHallfredに話してくれ。彼は近くの島に住んでいるからな。)



Hallfred: Welcome traveler! What brings you on our island?
(Hallfred: 冒険者よ、ようこそ!どうしてここに来られたのですか?)

Hallfred: Oh, I see that Adigard now sends strangers through fear of getting killed!
(Hallfred: あぁ、Adigardが殺されるのを恐れてよそ者を使いとしてやったのですな!)

Hallfred: This is the last time I'll repeat it: We will sign the peace treaty the day Adigard and his nation will return to us... the treasure.
(Hallfred: これが最後だ。我々はAdigardと奴らの国が宝を返す日平和条約に署名するとな....)

Hallfred: The one that they kept and hid from us after the shipwreck.
(Hallfred: 船が難破した時以来、奴らがずっと隠し持っている宝だ。)

Hallfred: Pure gold, very valuable and rare! Tell him I'll be waiting for it. And none of that silly story again.
(Hallfred: 純金、とても価値があり希少なやつだ!待っていると伝えろ。そして、作り話は聞き飽きたとな。)



Adigard: I should have expected that. Hallfred was always very greedy...
(Adigard: そういうだろうと思っていた。Hallfredはいつも欲深いからな...)

Adigard: We tried to make him understand that we do not have the treasure, without much success.
(Adigard: 我らは、彼に宝がないことを納得させようとしたが、うまくいかんかった。)

Adigard: ... You see, the reason why we became shipwrecked wasn't natural cause. We were attacked...
(Adigard: ...)

Adigard: By whom? The undead. Ghosts and demons navigating a monstrous ship. They got us by surprise.
(Adigard: )

Adigard: I believe they also stole our treasure during the attack.
(Adigard: )

Adigard: Would you help our nation come back together? Find this ship, and bring the treasure back to Hallfred so we can finally live in peace.
(Adigard: )

Adigard: Sail north. That is where they attacked us many years ago. It should be easy to find, I'm sure they are anchored there in glory... Thank you.
(Adigard: )


Find the ghost ship and bring back ancient treasure to Hallfred.

Hallfred: Incredible! He actually delivered the treasure!
(Hallfred: )

Hallfred: I suppose that means the end of the war between our nations!
(Hallfred: )

Hallfred: This is a great day! Here, take this as a reward for helping our nation.
(Hallfred: )

Hallfred: I'm sure you'll find a use for this helmet one day!
(Hallfred: )


The most difficult part of the quest centers around the Ghost Ship. It is suggested that if you have trouble with this portion of the quest, you should request the aid of other players.


The captain sometimes spawns beneath the ship, so it is useful to have the diving helmet from the Underwater quest.
Don't get freaked out if you hear spiders at the nations, the noise actually originates from the Villagers.