Corrupted Villageの外にいるOrikalに話しかける

Orikal: Go away! I know you're angry but there's nothing to gain her-
(Orikal: 立ち去れ!君が起こっていることはわかっている、だがそこは彼女を得られるものは何もない)

Orikal: Oh, you seem calm. What are you doing here? Bit close to the portal for a soldier isn't it?
(Orikal: ああ、君は落ち着いているように見える。ここで何をしているんだ?戦士のためにポータルを閉じに来たのだね。)

Orikal: I see, you were sent to aid the public. Perfect.

Orikal: I am Orikal, I'm trying to stop everyone here from killing each other.

Orikal: Do you see all these spikes? I believe they are the thing spreading corruption.

Orikal: Corruption does not affect humans like other beings. It’s much much slower, more like an infection of the mind to us.

Orikal: Could you inspect the peak of the spike in the village for me? It might give me valuable insight. Thanks!

場所Corruption SpikeX352Y69Z-1124

This spike appears to be much larger than the others around the village, but nothing unusual. You should take a closer look at the top.


When observing the spike from on top, you notice absolutely nothing. You should report back to Orikal.


Orikal: That was quick... did you find anything?
(Orikal: 早かったな、何か見つかったか?)

Orikal: Really, nothing? You didn't even feel anything?
(Orikal: 本当に何も見つかっていないのか?何か感じることさえなかったのか?)

Orikal: How can it be just a spike? It must be spreading corruption somehow.

Orikal: Then perhaps my second theory was correct. I will have to send you underground.
(Orikal: しゃあもしかすると私の2つ目の論が正しいのかもしれない。私は君を地下に送らなければならない。)

Orikal: There are old cave systems around here from the mining days. I sent two men down to excavate the spike, can you go down and help?
(Orikal: 鉱業時代からの古い洞窟のシステムがこのあたりにあるんだ。私は釘を発掘するために2人の男を送るよ。君は下に行って手伝えるか?)

Orikal: The entrance is a little to the northeast. In fact, you should have passed it on your way to the spike.
(Orikal: その入り口は少し北東に行ったところにある。実は、君は釘への通り道にでそれを渡す必要があったんだ。)


Alfonse: This is insane, why are we here?! We're looking for corruption you know that right?
(Alfonce: これは狂っている、私たちはどうしてここにいるんだ!?私たちは呪いを探しに来たんだよな?)

Roy: Calm down. All we have to do is keep digging. Besides, he did say he'd pay us a lot, so stop being mad.

Alfonse: Forget it, I don't care anymore, just prime the explosive and get clear of the blast!
(Alfonce: 忘れてた、もう気にしないよ、ただ主に爆発を避けよう)

That explosion sounded like it uncovered something big. You should take a look.

Roy: Well, that did the trick. Let’s take a look.
(Roy: えーと、トリックでもしたのか?見てくれ。)

Alfonse: Oh my... What... is this?
(Alfonce: やや...何...これ?)

Roy: It almost looks like a giant spike...Woah. How deep does this thing go?
(Roy: これは大きな釘に見える...わあ、これはどのくらい深いんだ?)

Alfonse: Well, you know what? We did our job, so honestly I don't care. Let's get out of here

Alfonse: Orikal? We’re done! Pay up! I want out. This place is getting to me.
(Alfonce: Orikal?終わったぞ!金を払ってくれ!この場所は良くない。)

Orikal: I came when I heard the explosion. I thought you’d hurt yourselves.
(Orikal: 私は爆発を聞いた時来た。私は君は君自身を痛めつけていたと思う。)

Orikal: Well, I'll be darned. The spike goes this far down? And it looks like it goes even deeper than this!
(Orikal: えーと、私はそれを禁止するよ。その釘はこの深さまで達していたのか?そしてその釘はこれよりも大きくさえ見える!)

Roy: Well, I don't know about you, but I say we blow it to shreds! That oughta get rid of this spike!
(Roy: えーと、私はあなたを知らない。でも私たちはその釘をバラバラにしたとはいえる!この釘を取り除くべきだと思う!)

Orikal: For once, I agree. I'll do it, you guys just get clear.
(Orikal: 今回限り、同意しよう。私はそれをするよ。、君たちははっきりさせたよ。)

Orikal: ...Wow, that did nothing. We're going to need something MUCH more powerful than TNT...
(Orikal: わあ、それは何もしなかった。私たちはTNTよりも強い何かが必要になるだろう...)

Alfonse: Oh yeah? And just what would you have in mind?

Orikal: Well, it's sorta complicated. That's why I've decided to give our new friend here the job of acquiring this explosive.

Roy: Oh yeah, we were so busy with this spike, we forgot to address you! Sorry about that.
(Roy: 本当かい、私たちはこの釘のためにとても忙しい、私たちはあなたの挨拶を忘れていた、ごめんなさい。)

Alfonse: Well if you don't need us anymore then we'll just be on our way... WITH our money! So hand it over please.
(Alfonce: えーともしあなたがもう私たちを必要としないのなら、私たちは今途中だ... あなたのお金!だからそれを渡してくれ。)

Orikal: Alright, fine. Here's your pay. Thank you for your help.
(Orikal:わかった、 これは君の給料だ。手伝ってくれてありがとう。)

Orikal pays the excavators.

Roy: Gah! That's hardly anything! I'm not even surprised. Let's just go.

Orikal: Anyway, come meet me back at my tent, friend. We will discuss what to do then.


Orikal: Okay. I happen to know a recipe for creating an extremely lethal magical explosive.
(Orikal: そうだ、私はたまたま極めて致命的な魔法の爆発物のレシピを知っているんだ。)

Orikal: There are 3 main ingredients you will need to get me: [Unstable Corrupted Ore], [Incendiary Fluid], and a [Switch Fuse] to activate it.
(Orikal: 3つの主な素材がある:[Unstable Corrupted Ore], [Incendiary Fluid], それと[Switch Fuse]だ、それを作動させるためには必要になるだろう)

Orikal: There used to be a small mining camp a little east of this town. It's abandoned now, but you should still be able to find what you need there.
(Orikal: この町の少し西にあるそこは小さな採掘キャンプとして使われていたんだ。そこは今放棄されている、でも君はそこで必要なものを見つけることができるはずだ。)

Orikal: It's not the big ol' abandoned mines, mind you. It's a smaller camp, in fact you should be able to see it from this village.
(Orikal: 放棄されたそれは君が思うほど大きくない、それはとても小さいキャンプだ。実は、君はそれをこの村からもう見られるはずだ。)

Orikal: Best of luck! Oh, and also, try not to die please. These ingredients do indeed promote environmental hazards.

テントでTNTのために[Unstable Corrupted Ore], [Incendiary Fluid]と [Switch Fuse] を見つける
場所Mining CampX435Y81Z-1106
素材の入手に関連する情報 ・Switch Fuse
もしかしたらWrecking Ballで瓦礫を取り除けるかもしれませんが、すぐに行動しなければ、、、
・Incendiary Fluid
[445, 73, -1100]にある洞窟に入り、ボタンを押し、容器を満たします。
その洞窟を離れて[446,84,-1120]のボタンを押して液体を引き上げることで、Incendiary Fluidを手に入れられます
・Unstable Corrupted Ore. ・Explosive-Cloaker Machineの使用方法
・その石を[458, 68, -1129]で手に入れる
プレイヤーは30秒以内にExplosive-Cloaker Machineに鉱石を入れないと、爆発してしまいます。


Orikal: You got 'em all! Excellent, this is exactly what we need.
(Orikal: 君は全ての素材を手に入れた!素晴らしい、これはまさに私たちが手に入れようとしていたものだ。)

Orikal: Alright, stand back. I have actually never made this before, so let's hope I don't cause a disaster.
(Orikal: よし、下がりなさい。実は私は今までにこれを作ったことがないんだ。だから災難が起きないことを望もう。)

Orikal takes the materials you retrieved and puts them in a container. He mutters some words in an unknown language, and suddenly the container turns into some sort of Magical TNT.

Orikal: Phew, glad nothing tragic happened there. This should be it, now go take it back down to the spike and destroy it once and for all!
(Orikal: やれやれ、何も悲劇的なことが起こらなくて嬉しいよ。これでいい、さあこれを下の釘に持って行って1回でそれを全て破壊してしまおう!)


It appears this magical TNT worked. Now that the spike's roots have been demolished, you should talk to Orikal about your success.


Orikal: Oh, do you feel that? It's like a buzzing in my ears I never knew about has just vanished.
(Orikal: ああ、あれを感じたか?私の耳の中でブンブンとうなっていた何かがちょうど消えたみたいだ)。

Orikal: I think that worked you know. It seems the power of the spike comes from the root...
(Orikal: 私は君がしただと思う。その音は釘の根から来ている力のように思えた...)

Orikal: But what is it connected to? That’s for another day. The main thing is the village is safe.
(Orikal: しかしそれは何につながっているんだ?あれは別の日常のためのものだ。主なことは村が安全なことだ。)

Orikal: Here, take this for your help. I found this potato in one of the houses around here, and I sure as heck don’t want it!
(Orikal: ここで、手伝ってくれ。私はこのジャガイモをこの辺りのひとつの家から見つけたんだ、そして私はこれが絶対に欲しくないんだ!!)