Lv.40のクエストTower of Ascensionの上位版でGavel版みたいなクエスト。
場所The Qira Hive
レベル80 - 101
1 Master Voucher


  • このクエストはYansurというNPCに話しかけることで始まり終わる。各区画をクリアしたらその都度話しかけて報酬を受け取る必要がある


Yansur: I see another lost soul has found their way to The Qira Hive!
(Yansur: また一つ、彷徨う魂がThe Qira Hiveに迷い込んだようだ!)

Yansur: I can't say I am overwhelmed by your appearance. Here, the birth of many powerful and magical monsters take place.
(Yansur: 私はあなたの格好に驚いたなどとは言いません。ここは多くの魔法生物が生まれるところです。)

Yansur: Gavel's governments can not stop Mistress Qira. I doubt you can either.
(Yansur: Gavelの政府はQira夫人を止めることはできない。おそらく、あなたもそうでしょう。)

Yansur: If you want to meet her, you will have to defeat each division of her army.
(Yansur: もしも彼女にお会いしたいのならば、彼女の兵をそれぞれの区画で倒さなければいけません。)

Yansur: Although powerful, she is not without honour. After every floor you complete, you will receive a token for a reward from the shop. Good luck, adventurer-
(Yansur: 彼女は強力ですが、敬意がないわけではありません。それぞれの区画を撃破したあかつきには店でお使いできるトークンを受け取れます。どうかご武運を、冒険者様...)

????: Excuse me, but aren't you forgetting some things, Yansur?
(????: ちょっと失礼、でも何か忘れてないかしら、Yansur?)

Yansur: Wh- Oh, Mistress, am I? My apologies...
(Yansur: う、うおっと、夫人よ、そうですか!?失礼いたしました...)

Qira: You will be disciplined later...fine. Consider yourself honoured to have even a moment of my time, adventurer. Allow me to explain in further detail, my glorious Hive.
(Qira: あとでお仕置きですね...いいわ。私の時間を割いてもらっていることに感謝しなさい、冒険者よ。私の輝かしいHiveについてさらに説明させてくださいね。)

Qira: As Yansur explained, if you wish audience with me, you must prove yourself worthy of my presence by defeating each division of my personal army.
(Qira: Yansurが説明したように、私に謁見したいと願うのならば、それに見合うだけの存在であるということをそれぞれの区画にいる私兵を撃破して証明して見せなさい。)

Qira: It consists of five main divisions, each one based around a particular element. Thunder, Air, Earth, and so on. Clearing one will unlock the next for you to face.
(Qira: ここには5つの区画があって、それぞれ特定の属性を持っているわ。雷、空、地などよ。一つ撃破すれば次の区画に行けるようになるわ。)

Qira: To pass a floor of the division, defeat my forces and put the catalysts they drop into the collector. You will need five catalysts to pass a floor.
(Qira: 階層を突破するには私の兵を倒した時に落とす触媒をコレクターの中に落とせばいいわ。一つ突破するのに5つの触媒が必要よ。)

Qira: After nine floors of normal troops, you will face a Division Leader. These exceptionally powerful members of my army will be fought alone, and you will only need one catalyst from them to pass.
(Qira: 普通の軍勢を9層突破すると区画のリーダーと対面することになるの。第10層ではこの特別強い私の兵と1対1で戦うことになるわ。必要になる触媒は一つよ。)

Qira: The Thunder Division will be your first challenge. I do hope you will be entertaining to watch...
(Qira: 雷属性区画があなたが最初に挑むところよ。あなたの戦い、楽しい者だといいけど...)


Yansur: You have completed the Thunder floor? How surprising. They were some of Mistress Qira's earliest successes.
(Yansur: 雷属性区画を突破されたんですか?なんと驚き。あれは夫人が作られた成功作の中で一番古いものなんですよ。)

Qira: How was your first taste of the Hive? Your battle against the Psychomancer was quite the spectacle to behold, heheheh...
(Qira: 最初のHiveの感じはどうでしたかしら?Psychomancerとの戦いは見応えのあるものでしたね、フフフ...)

Yansur: I agree, Mistress. As promised, here is a Thunder Voucher.
(Yansur: 私も同じです夫人よ。約束した通り、Thunder Voucherです。)

Yansur: Take it to the shop to claim your prize. It is located at the base of the Hive. The servant there will have important information for you regarding your prizes.
(Yansur: これを店に持って行って景品と引き換えてください。店はHiveの地下にあります。そこにいる僕が景品について重要な詳細を言いますので。)

Yansur: I doubt you are still worth Mistress's time, however. She has much to tend to here, as you might guess.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: She made a deal with Gavel's people long ago, after they foolishly attempted to lay siege to our Hive.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: She could continue her unethical and possibly evil work...and in return, she would allow the people of Gavel to remain undisturbed by her.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: Next you must tackle the Air division, featuring some of her tougher creations.
(Yansur: )


Yansur: Hrm, perhaps we have underestimated you. The creations of Air have slaughtered thousands, particularly-
(Yansur: フム、もしかしたら我々はあなたを少し過小評価しすぎていたのかもしれません。風属性の創造物は千を超える者を葬り、特に—)

Qira: Hush, Yansur. Not a word about her.
(Qira: お黙り、Yansur。彼女については言うんじゃないよ。)

Yansur: ...yes. Here is the promised Air Voucher.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: The shop has your reward prepared. If you have not talked to the servant at the shop, do so next you go there.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: You still have a long way to go. It is not easy to gain an audience with Mistress Qira.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: Your next objective is to clear the Earth division. Some of the most powerful, raw creatures ever hatched.
(Yansur: )


Yansur: Creatures of the earth were not enough for you... Mistress's elite... Destroyed.
(Yansur: )

Qira: Managed to defeat Genesis, hm? It is normally the end of most... Interesting.
(Qira: )

Yansur: Well, here is your Earth Voucher.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: The shop has your reward prepared. If you have not talked to the servant at the shop, do so next you go there.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: It is impressive to see how far you have come. Many have failed at this point.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: It is of no consequence, however, for the Water division is your next challenge. I am sure you will not succeed.
(Yansur: )


Yansur: Impossible. Not even the most tactically advanced monsters could defeat you.
(Yansur: )

Qira: ...The Judge needs further tweaking, I am not satisfied with his current state. Nevertheless, I must admit I am impressed.
(Qira: )

Yansur: ...Here's the Water Voucher you're expecting.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: The shop has your reward prepared. If you have not talked to the servant at the shop, do so next you go there.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: We are intrigued by your determination... But we are not worried. We do not expect you to make it past the next floor.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: Now you must face some of the toughest creatures of Mistress Qira's imagination!
(Yansur: )

Yansur: You must now face the division of Fire, and it will be sure to burn you.
(Yansur: )


Yansur: This is unprecedented. You have defeated some of the most recent and powerful creations.
(Yansur: )

Qira: Even downed the Vanguard...? My word...
(Qira: )

Yansur: Here you are then, the Fire Voucher!
(Yansur: )

Yansur: The shop has your reward prepared. If you have not talked to the servant at the shop, do so next you go there.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: This is unorthodox, as no one has made it this far. But I suppose this means that-
(Yansur: )

Qira: It means that I wish to see your abilities for myself.
(Qira: )

Qira: You have intrigued me, adventurer...and I want to put you to the truest test.
(Qira: )

Yansur: Hah! Incredible! Mistress wishes to battle you herself! You astound me.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: Be warned, however. This will be your toughest battle yet. Mistress Qira is the most feared being in Gavel.
(Yansur: )

Yansur: You will die...but consider it the greatest honour to die by her hand.
(Yansur: )

Qira: I await you in my chambers...
(Qira: )