場所Canyon of the Lost
報酬1300000 経験値
Changeling's Chestplate


場所Kitrios BarracksX135Y78Z-5479

Tylas: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz...

Tylas: AAAHHHHH! You startled me! Sleeping? No, you must be mistaken. I have sworn to guard this fort at all costs, I would never even close my eyes!

Tylas: The barracks is not currently operating, I'm afraid. General Lecade has all of the men working on all sorts of absolutely ridiculous tasks.

Tylas: You wish to help out? That is very kind of you to offer, but I'm not supposed to let anyone through aside from fellow soldiers.

Tylas: Then again, General Lecade hasn't been himself lately. It probably won't even bother him if it means getting his work done.

Tylas: I'll let you through, if you wish to help. Speak with General Lecade to find out what insane task he wants you to do, his office on the left side of the fort.


場所Kitrios BarracksX153Y78Z-5478

Lecade: Who let you in here? Probably that private who I let guard this place, I'll bet that he was sleeping again. So what brings you here, anyways?

Lecade: So, you wanna help me with the work I need done? Sure, why not? I could use an extra hand around here!

Lecade: All right, I need you to get to work straight away! You see... um... I've heard rumors that some of our equipment isn't working well.

Lecade: Some of our cannons and ballistae, actually. You know, Quite dangerous, and whatnot.

Lecade: You can find this equipment outside of our main fort. Just follow the path, they're to the right of our blacksmith.

Lecade: Now what are you waiting for? Get to work!


[86, 44, -5374]にある装備を点検する。

Private: I hate this job General Lecade gave me. I have to stand around all day and watch these damn cannons. They look fine! It's not as though we're going to use them anytime soon!

The equipment looks to be in proper shape. You should report back to General Lecade.



Lecade: You're back already? You're telling me you reached the equipment and came back already? Impossible!

Lecade: I mean, good work, soldier! While you were gone, some more work freed up. You see, I... accidentally dropped my good-luck charm into an aqueduct, it's in the sewers now.

Lecade: That charm brings me luck, you're going to have to dive into the sewers to retrieve it. I do know of a way you can enter them.

Lecade: There's a crack in a pipe on the other side of town you should be able to use to enter the sewers. Now hurry up, standing around won't get me that charm!


場所Kitrios BarracksX127Y68Z-5488


Sergeant: I have to clean out this aquaduct. It's filthy! I can't believe how disgusting these things can get! I can't believe General Lecade is making me do this...


Now that you're finally out of those dreadful sewers, you should get that worthless coin to General Lecade.



Lecade: What's with that gold thing? Oh, yes, my good-luck charm! Good work, soldier! There's yet another task for you, and I think you're fit for the job.

Lecade: There's a mountain near the town that's always looked rather dull to me. I want you to paint it a different color, make it look nice.

Lecade: Yes, how about you paint it purple? I wrote the coordinates down in your quest book, so get to it!


[211, 156, -5488]の山頂を紫色にする。


What a lovely shade of purple! You should probably head back to the General and tell him you got the job done.



Lecade: You painted the mountain already? I can't believe this! How are you doing everything I order you to so quickly? You should be exhausted!

Lecade: I mean, you have shown you are an extremely capable soldier! In fact, so capable, that I think you're ready for this next task.

Lecade: I want you to walk across a tightrope to amuse your fellow soldiers. The coordinates are in your quest book, so go put on a show!


[158, 76, -5456]から綱渡りのショーを行う。

Private: I'll bet you five emeralds he doesn't make it across.

What a spectacular performance! General Lecade should probably know what a great show you put on.



Lecade: Wait, you actually went and did it? I didn't think anyone would do something so completely ridiculous!

Lecade: Fine, if you're still so eager to help after all of this, then I'll give you one last task to do.

Lecade: I need you to destroy a wall in town so we can add another house. Lieutenant Gren is there to give you the details.



Gren: Stay away from this area! It's marked for demolition, we're just waiting for a soldier General Lecade sent in to do the job.

Gren: Wait, you're supposed to be the one handling explosives? Well, better than me risking my own neck!

Gren: In that case, just go light the explosives, and get back before you get blown to bits!




Does General Lecade know this place exists? You should probably check it out...


???: You were sent here under the orders of General Lecade? Seems that fool forgot he locked me up in here. Listen, that man can't be who he says he is, because...

???: I am General Lecade.

Lecade: I know that sounds preposterous. The man you spoke to looks exactly like me, doesn't he? Well, let me explain everything I know about that impostor.

Lecade: It is actually a rare Gavel creature called "Corpus Accipientis" or in layman's terms, a shape-shifter. It took my identity and locked me up in this cell.
(Lecade:アレは"Corpus Accipientis"というGavelの珍しい生物でな、平たく言えば、変身能力を持っている。アレは私の身分を奪いここに閉じ込めた。)

Lecade: That thing loves to create mischief, it lives to make others' lives harder. It must be doing horrible thing to my loyal men, that beast!

Lecade: I want you to kill it. I know a way into my office, or it's office now, from here. After all, I'm the one who had this place built.

Lecade: Hold down both wooden plates on the desks over there and a secret door should open. I'd follow you, but I am unable to leave this cell.




Corpus Accipientis: So, looks like you've found me out. You know, all I wanted to do was control an army, I wasn't even going to kill anyone!
(Corpus Accipientis:ああ、バレちゃったみたいだね。知っての通り、僕は軍隊を操ってみたかっただけなんだ。誰かを殺すつもりなんて無かったんだよ!)

Corpus Accipientis: But you have to come in and ruin this, don't you? Such a shame, I was going to ask if I could borrow your form for a while.
(Corpus Accipientis:でも君はこれを台無しにするために来る必要があったのかい?残念だなあ、しばらくは君の姿を借りようかと思ってたのに。)

Corpus Accipientis: You know, defeating you will allow me to take your form and continue posing as the General. Yes, I'll use my true form to take you out!
(Corpus Accipientis:分かってると思うけど、君を倒せば僕は君の姿で将軍のフリを続ける事が出来るんだ。そう、僕の本当の姿で君を倒してみせるよ!)


Corpus Accipientisを倒す。

Corpus Accipientisは倒される度に様々な姿・戦法に変化する。(巨大スライム→エルフ→Lecade将軍→蛙?→牛人間→石像→オーガ→鶏→小さいスライム)
最後の小さいスライムを倒すと[Malleable Slime]を落とすので回収して洞窟を出る。

Lecade: Fear not, soldier! I am no slimy impostor, now bring me that shape-shifter's remains so I can lock them up!


Lecade将軍に[Malleable Slime]を渡す。

Lecade: Well, looks like you destroyed a big blob of slime and came back without a scratch. Now that's what I like to see.

Lecade: I'm surprised you pulled that off, though. When I hunted that thing down, it managed to take my form. Guess I can learn a few tricks from you.

Lecade: Well, at least that shape-shifter won't be taking anyone's body anymore. That thing already caused enough trouble when it only took mine, imagine if it took more.

Lecade: The soldiers understood the situation, luckily. Can't believe it got that far. I'll make sure nothing like that ever happens again!

Lecade: But enough of that, you helped out a tremendous deal. And for that you deserve a reward.


  • 綱渡りの際に移動Spellを使っても問題ない。


  • Corpus Accipientisの名前は、ラテン語で"借り物の肉体"を意味しており、シェイプシフターの能力を示唆している。